The Strut Team

From crazy shopping sprees to scouting new fashion/beauty territories, and of course, stalking those hidden style treasures and discovering unknown designers – these girls just rake it all up just for you – in #2minutes. A study of the personalities that make and shake the Strut120 team:

Editorial Team
  • Latha Sunadh

    Latha Sunadh


    Latha Sunadh is a compulsive online shopper who consciously trades in her daily life for strong coffee, skyscraper heels and chunky baubles. She loves ikat prints and indie labels – but most times, she dreams about strolling along the Seine with a smug look on her face and a good song on her iPod. She’s a pop-culture loony, fashion-blog stalker and an accessory hoarder.

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  • Jahnabee Borah

    Jahnabee Borah

    Deputy Editor

    Jahnabee Borah makes it a point to never leave the house without a chunky cuff and her blackberry. Our resident social butterfly – Borah is always on the look-out for the next big fashion party - moving in and out of her comfort zone only to make new friends and to bring together new experiences. She’s a closet techie, an indulgent shopper and a lover of everything baked to perfection.

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  • Sanjana Batra

    Sanjana Batra

    Fashion Editor

    Flash sales and flashier ideas - our resident bag babe, Sanjana Batra knows just how to get that elusive deal on the latest hobo you were coveting. Pet pooch lover, vintage jewellery collector, hot oil massage lover and drama addict. Can smell a good deal on anything fashionable in less than #2minutes. Can tell a compelling story replete with sound effects and jazz hands. The head-above-water kinda gal and knows how to rock big hair and high heels on any given weekday.

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  • Sholeen Tibrewala

    Sholeen Damarwala

    Beauty Editor

    If there are two things Sholeen is known for – it’s good food and great accessories. That's right, it’s the neon necklaces and the bold earrings she stylishly slips in, that always get the attention. The team’s official food taster, Sholeen makes sure the right dessert is paired with the best anti-pasti and well, the right blush with the right skin tone…yes, in that order. She’s also known to be the team’s official Bollywood gossip girl, celebrity bag identifier and new-age word creator.

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  • Roanna Fernandes

    Roanna Fernandes

    Lifestyle Editor

    Making things from scratch – yes, that’s how she rolls. DIY bow-ties, DIY bracelets…you name it, she makes it. Creatively crazy, quiet yet explosive – Roanna is the team’s style sister and resident bargain hunter- always ready to help you find that elusive paisley-print jacket. Lover of a good love story, Photo-shop expert, fanatical illustrator, diary collector, home-made chocolate cake devotee plus thrift shopping revolutionary. Will write for brogues; will blog on crafty ideas.

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Business Team
  • Sanjana Eipe

    Sanjana Eipe

    Marketing Head

    Treadmill diva, cross-fit lover and crazy gym addict – Sanjana keeps it simple and effortless on any given day. And fitting into an Herve Leger is as easy as pie, especially for a fitness revolutionary like her. A statement necklace aficionado, Sanjana makes sure she stays on top of the game with her crazy online shopping escapades. From embellished sandals to ballet flats to satiny wedges, her shoe closet is her first love. Vanilla Lattes come the closest second.

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  • Tanisha

    Tanisha Ghura

    Brand Manager

    Who is Blake Lively wearing tonight? What is Harvey Spector’s latest addiction? Ask Ms.Ghura, the official couch-potato plus TV-show addict and get all the answers. Other part-time occupations include day-dreaming, creative strategising, philosophy-sharing and some fine jewellery loving. From envisioning low-cal drinks to buying the classiest Marc Jacobs bags, Tanisha is the Strut team’s go-to girl. Aptly nick-named “Fit Chick”, Tanisha always manages to stay true to her fitness regime – and occasionally test drives the best fitness routines for us; from Zumba to Kick-boxing to Bollyhop.

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