Shopping Alert: Five Super Cool Labels With Online Stores

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Often a question arises…what kind of a shopper are you? And that’s something you hardly think about but let’s say, you need a single word answer. What would that be? Are you a quick shopper or someone who mulls over a purchase for a good one hour? Are you the one who shops at discount stores and storms the house with multiple bargains or are you a will-shop-only-if-it’s-designerwear kinda gal?

The good thing is, no matter what kind of a shopper you are – online shopping is just the thing the doctor ordered, especially if you’re looking for new and amazing labels to stock up for the season! And more points, if it’s by designers/labels that are small but significant, discreet yet ubiquitous. And so we thought we’ll give you five super cool labels that have started online stores for your viewing and buying pleasure.And hey, no more running to middlemen, designer stores and multi-stocking e-commerce sites to get your fill of the coolest stash in town, you can buy them right here online and psst, you might even get lucky with their seasonal discounts and sales!

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