Frequently Asked Questions for the STRUT-friendly Fashionista

STRUT120 will always be your soft spot, your happy space. And there are no rules when it comes to
fashion, at least not when you’re exploring the daily exclusives here. But if you are looking to find
some interesting sub-texts, understand lesser-known terms and trying to appreciate some really cool
ideas – this is just the place for you. So take a deep breath, strap on the earphones (Preferably Lana
Del Rey or Katy Perry on loop) and get ready for the real STRUTistics. We got all your happy doubts

How do I sign in and why should I sign in?
Signing In is a sign of loyalty– especially when you land on our site and continue to show your support
by browsing all of our categories. Sign ins give you real-time access to all of our super cool offers, hot
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What is “Win it”? Why does that sound so dramatic?
We frequently put together a cute little giveaway that you can win. It’s simple really. All you have to do
is register and answer a simple question related to the gift in question. And you can win anything!
We’re generous like that! Psst, there are some really cool giveaways waiting to get into your hands,
so stay tuned.
How do I subscribe to your newsletter?
Our newsletter are treasure troves of awesomeness. Well, we do get on by flattering ourselves. But
hey, if you’re interested in the affairs of the closet – just leave your e-mail id on our “Subscribe” button
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I have a problem with the site. I can’t seem to sign in and the “Subscribe” button is not
registering my e-mail and other details. What do you have to say to that?
Head to our Contact Us page to deal with all things “not-working”. Having trouble with your passwords
and worse, your e-mail? Drop us a line at REACHUS@STRUT120.COM.
Hello… I want to promote my business/ Facebook pages/ other pleasurable items on your
website and it seems to not register. What gives?
Oh, that is intentional my friend! At STRUT120 we don’t want to see unwanted business. So if your
“pleasurable items” are less than community-friendly, we tend to delete them on the back-end.
Is there is something positive you want to share with us? Yes, that’s what we love and that, will show up!
I’ve noticed something isn’t working right, and I’d like to connect with STRUT120 about it. How
do I do that?
Oh that’s amazing! We want the site to look fabulous and get your creative juices flowing – and
anything less than that? We would love to know. Mail us at REACHUS@STRUT120.COM so we fix the
problem pronto! A big hug to those to mail us a screenshot of the issue – we totally love the TLC.
Where can I catch STRUT120 outside of the website? I really do love you guys!
That’s easy! Become a fan of STRUT120 on Facebook, get into a twitter conversation at @STRUT120,
pin our awesome pictures at STRUT120 and watch our really cool videos at STRUT120/youtube. You’ll
love our behind-the-scene videos, funny anecdotes, our instagram fashion lives and more. If you, like
us, love fashionable spaces, get onto Foursquare.
I want to write too. Hell, I want to contribute and see my name on your site. But, how do I
do that?
Well, at STRUT120, we definitely open ourselves up for some really cool ideas. If you’re uber-creative
and have a knack for writing, do mail us at EDITORIAL@STRUT120.COM and we’d love to read it all.